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0-Code HTML Converter

For busy web-developers: Convert HTML to most used script languages
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22 January 2005

Editor's review

    0-Code HTML Converter is for web developers who need to save time and effort for more important activities than on conversions.
    Use this innovative tool for insertion of HTML code in to a script file. It can convert HTML into most of the common script languages such as Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP and Javascript. Also used for converting ASCII text and RTF in to HTML. The process of conversion is also very simple. Just enter the HTML code or load the HTML file and specify the output format. This converts it into a format which you specified. This file can be saved or copied onto a clipboard. The interface is self-explanatory. There are fields where you can enter the input and fields where you specify the output. You have only to select the conversion options.
    0-Code HTML Converter is useful for all professional web developers saving valuable time spent on conversions.

Publisher's description

0-Code HTML Converter is a handy tool for web developers, that allows you to easily convert regular HTML code into ASP, PHP, Perl, JSP or JavaScript. Just enter the HTML code or load a HTML file and select the output format - the converted code can be saved to file or copied to the clipboard. In addition, the program also offers simple text to HTML conversion, as well as an option to convert RTF files to HTML or export HTML / Program code to HTML and RTF.
System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
300 MHz CPU
0-Code HTML Converter
0-Code HTML Converter
Version 3.0
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